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Telephone call center: Our telephone and technical support staff is available and happy to serve you during business hours, to answer any question or help solve any problem in order to return the equipment to proper working condition as quickly as possible.

Technicians: Our technical staff is ready to serve you as necessary. A. Wolf provides prompt service throughout Israel. Distant customers (in the Golan and Eilat) receive full telephone support, rapid dispatch of spare parts, if necessary, and guidance for the local technician repairing the malfunction.

Service laboratory:
The A. Wolf service laboratory is open to customers who want to save time by bringing equipment that needs to be repaired or serviced directly to us. Trade-ins are accepted and secondhand equipment is available for purchase.

Spare parts: We are committed to keeping a wide variety of spare parts in stock or available by rapid airfreight, in order to make repairs with minimal delays, and ensure customers can resume production as quickly as possible. Therefore, our inventory of spare parts is the largest and most accessible in Israel.

Maintenance: As a rule proper, scheduled maintenance prevents problems! Most A. Wolf products work with ordinary tap water and require only basic maintenance, primarily to remove scale deposits. Our professional team will help you adapt the optimal equipment for your specific needs, the recommended type of water for each machine and train you in appropriate maintenance (2 minutes/week) to prevent malfunctions. A. Wolf’s products are user-friendly and require only minor maintenance that can be done quickly and easily.

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