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A. Wolf – Steam and heat equipment tailored precisely for your needs

A. Wolf Ltd. is the largest company marketing steam and heat equipment in Israel. We invite you to enjoy the world’s most sophisticated and innovative solutions for a wide range of businesses and institutions. A. Wolf represents leading international companies, bringing you the highest quality steam and heat equipment that complies with the most stringent international standards.

Since 1950, A. Wolf has provided its customers with a wide range of solutions, depending on the type, availability, and quantity of steam needed, as well as the special needs of each business. Our professionalism and long experience help us match the right equipment to each customer, to maximize the potential inherent in their business and achieve the best possible results.

At A. Wolf, we invest in developing innovative equipment and cooperate with leading manufacturers of steam equipment from around the world – from Italy, the United States, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, China and elsewhere – to adapt the best equipment the world offers to Israeli standards and the specific needs of our customers. Some of the equipment is assembled especially for us, or rather for you, based on your particular needs.

A. Wolf employs an experienced, professional team that specializes in consultation, design, development, installation and maintenance of steam and heat systems on any scale, to meet any need. We consider excellent service, professionalism and innovation to be of the utmost importance, as our thousands of satisfied customers – in all sectors of the Israeli economy – will testify.

Beware of imitations!

Over the years, the quality products offered by A. Wolf have been copied and imitated. Do not settle for less than the best. Upgrade to A. Wolf today and enjoy uncompromising quality, competitive prices and the ready availability of excellent service.

A.Wolf ltd.           Israel           +972-3-682-4478           13 HaSatat St. Industrial zone Holon 
A. Wolf ltd - Laundry ironing and pressing equipment, fashion designers, steam boilers, steam sauna, vertical ironing for curtains, industrial kitchens, bakeries