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Steam and heat solutions

Steam is a vital component of advanced industries from beer breweries, bakeries and other food manufacturers to the fashion and cosmetic industries, medical laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

Steam is produced by heating water until it vaporizes in a closed container. Various types of steam can be produced by changing the temperature and pressure according to the specific needs of each application, whether home ironing, a hotel sauna or heavy industry. Steam systems can maintain the desired balance of steam according to predefined needs. Balance is maintained by regulating pressure and heat using thermostats, heat and moisture sensors, and sensors that balance the proportion of vapor and water in the tank, and more.

Steam pressure (measured using BAR/PSI) is adjusted for the specific use. Steam can come in direct contact with textiles, food or packaging, or be used as a source of heat, as in double-walled industrial pots.

We also market equipment for welding materials with heat and pressure, for attaching lining to fabrics, dye transfer by sublimation, heat transfers and other purposes. A. Wolf is Israel’s largest supplier of equipment for transferring dye, and has developed special expertise in this field. In order to ensure even dye transfer, uniform pressure and excellent results, we market machines with precisely-designed and engineered arms, and the best quality heating elements. We offer clients a lifetime warranty on the heating elements (for machines manufactured in the US).

Good ironing starts with the right steam pressure!
The recommended steam pressure for pressing fabrics is 2.5-3.5 BAR. Higher pressure could damage the fabric. Steam prepares the garment for pressing, softens the fabric and opens the fibers. The pressing itself is done by the metal soleplate, with heat but without steam! Therefore, the ideal ironing process is moving the iron forward on the fabric with steam and back, without steam!

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